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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lily Gets a Care Package

Today I sent Lily her first care package. We sent her a soft little pink cat attached to a blanket, a teething rattle, a photo album with photos of Tim, Jack, the cat, the dog and of course her mommy-me, a disposable camera with instructions in Chinese, and Jelly Bellys and See's candy for her nannies. She should get them in 7-10 days. I hope the nannies take photos.

We also found out more about her SWI-Social Welfare Institute/orphanage. It is located in Nanfeng, Jiangxi Province. Most of the babies are fostered, which I think means they go home at night with their nanny-most of whom are in their 60's-80's. During the day they go back to the orphanage. This means she will have formed a close attachment to her nanny which is good. She will probably be very upset when we first get her and probably morn her nanny for several days. This of course breaks my heart, but I know she will be better off in long run and more able to bond with us. I know things will not be easy at first. Anyway, there are mostly tangerine farmers living in her area so her birth parents are most likely very poor. The director, Mr. Lu-where she gets her surname, runs the orphanage and likes to have visitors. We will have to get special permission from the province authorities to travel to the orphanage. That is usually not a problem, just more paperwork. We will get to see the baby room and probably meet her nanny. Also, Mr. Lu is very concerned about the babies and really likes to keep a relationship with the families adopting. This will be great and we hope to honor that. Someday I would love to take Lily back.
We will also get to see her "finding site" and may even get to have DimSum with Mr. Lu.

Here are a few things we learned that Lily can do according to her growth report at 6 months:
-She is a deep sleeper!
-She is a loud crier.
-She can hold her head up while laying on stomach.
-She can roll.
-She sits alone steadily.
-She uses her thumbs and index fingers.
-Can locate the direction of a sound/voice.
-Can hold blocks in each hand.
-Laughs aloud.
-She knows strangers and acquaintances.
-She knows her name. (Lili)
-She is active. (She needs that to hang out with Jack!)
-Can be restless and impatient at times.
-She can be shy.
-She is a lovely sweet child-according to her Nanny
-Her favorite activity is going outside. (a nature girl like her mommy!)

We also found out where she was found and what happened on that day.

We are so excited and can't wait to meet our little girl. I must have looked at her picture 1000 times!

Here ia a photo of Nanfeng County Social Welfare Institute.


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