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Saturday, January 20, 2007

We leave to get Lily in 1 hour!

Here are actual shoes worn by a woman in the 1800's with bound feet. The tennis shoe is mine-size 7 1/2.
A crib for Lily!

Just a quick post before we leave to get Lily. I am so nervous. I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I think about it.

We are in Nanchang. The hotel is beautiful. We are on the 20th floor in a mini suite so we have an extra sitting space in case we need it. We also have 1 1/2 baths. It is very deluxe! When we walked in the lobby there were 2 Chinese brides standing in the doorway greeting their guests. The guests were giving them red envelopes filled with money. Then everyone went upstairs for the wedding banquet.

In our room is a little crib with a Hello Kitty pillow. Bridget would love it!

There is also a little bathtub.


We found out yesterday that Lily now weighs 19 lbs. and has 4 teeth. Our guide told us she will leave her foster family this morning for the orphanage. The director, Mr. Lu, and some of the nannies will bring her to us. It will be a 3 hour drive for them. I thought she went back into the orphanage about a month ago, but I was wrong. I also found out that we will not be able to visit the orphanage. We thought we might have a chance to see it. Oh well. We just plan to spend lots of time bonding and hanging out in our deluxe hotel room.

I probably won't post tonight. Tim will try to get some photos posted if Lily isn't freaking out too much. Jack is bouncing off the walls with excitement. There is a really nice family in our group from DC adopting for the 2nd time and brought their first daughter. She is 4 and she and Jack have bonded. That has been fun.



  • WOW! I can't belive your time has come to finally get baby Lily. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and being able to recognize all the pictures. I hope the rest of your trip is just wonderful and I can't wait to see Lily.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:01 AM  

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